To Be Or Not To Be

FailureWith all the self-help, management and leadership material out there, one would think that the phrase, “it’s ok to fail” would sink in.

It doesn’t.  Parts of the world embrace failure as a necessary rite of passage, other parts of the world shun it. It’s easier to hide behind the fear of failure rather than change the world. A lot of people want to change the world, BUT….they prefer others to do it for them….4 legs good, 2 legs bad, that sort of thing.

There is a vast ocean of “great ideas” that get talked about at the water cooler, in restaurants, on tops of mountains, in bed with partners.  But the amount of energy to transform that electrical pulse into something is, well, just a drop in the ocean. What a waste!

Fear of Failure is a Freakish Fad. Its time is done.  If the question is to be or not to be, then ask yourself this? Is it better to sit in mediocrity and have done nothing at all about changing the world or go into battle, knowing that if you do fail, at least you have done it for something worthwhile, and had a ball along the way.  D.O.

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