On Yer Bike

One morning about 6 months ago, I remember an agonizing pain in my feet as I was getting out of bed. For the runners amongst you, I am sure you’ll agree – we don’t like to be reminded we’re getting old, and so I tried running through the pain. But the more I tried to grin and bear it, the worse it got.  Doc told me it was a common runner’s (and apparently ballet dancer’s complaint) called planter fasciitis, also known as runner’s heel. The cure was remarkably simple: get some rest, and don’t run for 6 months.  “On yer bike…” I was literally told.

I hear of many entrepreneurs who start something new….and then, text-book style, they wake up one morning with an enormous pain. They try to manage through it. Sometimes, the pain goes, but most often it doesn’t. When it doesn’t go, the only remedy is time itself.

Time stands still for no-one, least of all the entrepreneur who has given it all for the business. Passion gets most entrepreneurs out of bed in the morning, but if you start to feel a constant and recurring pain during your first waking moments, it’s really time to take stock. Better to save yourself the time by moving onto something new and afresh – than to persist on slogging though something that gives increasing pain and injury.

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