A Tap On The Head

Everyone remembers his or her first car. Mine was a Renault 18 and I was in love with it. Forget the fact that it had over 100,000 miles when I bought it as a student, and it kept breaking down in the most inopportune moments. For me, that car was freedom and dreams.

Every now and again, a friend or associate will look at me, and with a glint in their eye, they say something like, “Oh Trevor, I would love to do what you do. I’d love to set up my own business”.  That’s the moment they paint freedom and dreams on their faces.

I have heard this sentence so many times now that I have become accustomed to counting the seconds before I hear the qualifying sentence. And it normally comes fast…”The problem is…I’m still waiting for an idea”.

Oh dammit! Here comes my Proustian moment. This is the sentence that makes me remember the love-hate relationship I had with my Renault 18 and the countless moments my dear symbol of freedom and dreams would simply decide to  throw a sparky on the spur of the moment – usually on some highway in the middle of nowhere.

But necessity being the mother of all invention, a short tap with an iron bar and a hammer to the starter motor and we were on our merry way again. You do this a couple of times, and you soon become quite the artist at getting the pistons going again.

I’m not exactly saying that we all need a short tap on the head every now and again to get the creative pistons going, but nothing riles me more than a sorry excuse for not doing something.

Opportunity is everywhere! You are in the thick of it. If you can’t see it, it’s because you are not frustrated enough with the way a good or service is being delivered. Get angry at the world from time to time. Do more than complain. Do it yourself. After all, there is usually nobody who can do it better than you, right? Think this way, the pistons will start firing, and the opportunities will start to flow. D.O.

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